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Royal Gorge Bridge and Park

Water Treatment System Improvements The Royal Gorge Bridge and Park rebuilt its water treatment and finished water storage infrastructure. Project elements included adding redundancy to the intake pumping system, a 50-gpm conventional water treatment system housed inside a new 1,280-ft vertical structure, and a 120,000-gallon glass-fused-steel finished water storage tank. The existing site was already […]

Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District

Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District Regional Water Reclamation Facility The existing lagoon wastewater treatment facility owned and operated by Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District (WHMD) was determined to be undersized and incapable of meeting upcoming discharge permit regulations. In 2015, WHMD entered into a Compliance Order on Consent (COC) with CDPHE which required WHMD to meet future […]

Treating PFCS with New Technology

Ion Exchange Technology for Treatment of PFCs Rocky Mountain WATER Published May 2018 http://www.apogeepublications.com/emags/RMW_May2018  

City of Colorado Springs – Quail Lake Dam (South Lake)

Seepage Control and Monitoring Improvements (2018) Quail Lake Dam is a high hazard dam located in the Broadmoor area and is used to impound water in Quail Lake.  Quail Lake is located within Quail Lake Park which includes various amenities including a hiking trail around the reservoir.  The park is a very popular area for […]

Triview Metropolitan District

Sanctuary Pointe Tank and Booster Pump Station (2017) Continued growth along the Front Range has required many systems to increase the capacity, storage, and install new pumping systems. The Triview Metropolitan District tasked JDS-Hydro with the design of a new 1.1 MG water storage tank and booster pump station to serve expansion within the District. […]

Widefield Water and Sanitation District

Southmoor Water Treatment Plant (2017) – PFOA, PFOS, PFHpA removal with Single-Use Ion Exchange The Widefield Water and Sanitation District is one of the first municipalities in the US to implement full-scale treatment of groundwater contaminated with PFAS utilizing single-use Ion Exchange media. In May 2016, the EPA issued a Health Advisory Limit (HAL) of […]

City of Woodland Park

Retrofit Design of Existing WWTF for Nutrient Removal – A Case Study The City of Woodland Park is a dedicated environmental steward. The City’s existing activated sludge WWTF was designed for BOD reduction and nitrification. Retrofit design includes expansion of organic and hydraulic treatment capacities together with employing biological nutrient removal process technology. Other projects […]