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Royal Gorge Bridge and Park

Royal Gorge Bridge and Park

Water Treatment System Improvements

The Royal Gorge Bridge and Park rebuilt its water treatment and finished water storage infrastructure. Project elements included adding redundancy to the intake pumping system, a 50-gpm conventional water treatment system housed inside a new 1,280-ft vertical structure, and a 120,000-gallon glass-fused-steel finished water storage tank. The existing site was already substantially developed; construction occurred in close proximity to existing infrastructure. Design of new elements began in August, 2017 and were completed in June, 2018.

JDS-Hydro was onsite for system start-up and continues to be a resource for operators in managing data and water usage at the Park. Closing books included a hard copy and electronic copy all construction documents, including submittals and as-built drawings.

Budget: $1.4 Million

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