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City of Colorado Springs – Quail Lake Dam (South Lake)

City of Colorado Springs – Quail Lake Dam (South Lake)

Seepage Control and Monitoring Improvements (2018)

Quail Lake Dam is a high hazard dam located in the Broadmoor area and is used to impound water in Quail Lake.  Quail Lake is located within Quail Lake Park which includes various amenities including a hiking trail around the reservoir.  The park is a very popular area for local residents to hike, fish, paddle, and more.

Due to an observed increase in seepage, a storage restriction had been issued for Quail Lake until the seepage could be controlled.  The City of Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services department tasked JDS-Hydro with the design of a seepage collection and conveyance system on the downstream toe of the dam near the existing outlet structure.  The seepage collection and conveyance system consisted of a weighted filter buttress which included a slotted collection pipe surrounded by drainage rock with a sand drainage blanket across the identified seepage area.  The system tied into the existing toe drain pipe to convey collected seepage through a new concrete headwall adjacent to the existing outlet structure.  In addition, there were upgrades implemented on the upstream dam embankment which included placement of new riprap and installation of a trail that connects with the existing hiking trail around the reservoir.

The new trail section provides the public with a path located closer to the water surface rather than the existing trail on the dam crest near the road.  JDS-Hydro worked closely with the Dam Safety Branch throughout design and construction of this project.  Construction was completed in February 2018.  The Dam Safety Branch lifted the storage restriction from Quail Lake in March 2018.

Budget: $270,000.00

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